Breakthru Care

About Us

Who We Are

Breakthru Care is an authentic, UK based Organisation that provides exceptionally pristine support and accommodation services that are based ensuring you and/or your loved ones receive the support you need. Our service is anchored on extensively experienced Mental Health Professionals for its leadership, with shared background in Forensic, Acute In-Patient, Rehabilitation, Learning Disabilities and Domiciliary Care.

We always aim to deliver high quality standards of care, support and accommodation to vulnerable adults and young people within our community. Our care is focused on keeping you comfortably in your home for as long as possible, awarding you with the independence you need to maintain more fulfilled days. We have a pool of competent healthcare professionals that form our team of employees, and are available to meet your every need to make your lives more comfortable.

Breakthru Care was founded in the year 2016, on the backdrop of three extensively experienced Mental Health Professionals. It is a growing organisation that aspires to make a positive impact in the lives of vulnerable adults and young people in our communities. Our main aim is to assist/support you and your loved one(s) to achieve your personal best in both physical and mental well-being and to live independently in less restrictive accommodations in the community.

What is our vision?

We aspire to be largely recognised as an efficient care provision service that boasts on both quality and delivery.

Our core values and beliefs as an organisation are:

  • To provide the kind of service that enhances dignity, respect, inclusion, privacy, empowerment and honesty through person centred approaches and programmes; in line with clear up- to -date policies, procedures, and relevant legislation.
  • We seek to enhance your mental and general well-being and help develop optimal independence within least restrictive community settings.
  • Assist you to focus on your underlying social and emotional capabilities to achieve positive life outcomes.

Our mission as an organisation includes:

  • To assist/support you to achieve your personal best in all aspects of your life.
  • Deliver support and care, cohesively with both significant others and external agencies so as to provide you with holistic care.
  • To create a supportive space for you that would enhance your access to services that will improve your wellbeing.
  • We seek to ensure development of life skills, and promote independent community living.
  • Secure a smooth transition into a fulfilling adult life for young people.


  • Offer skilled care to enable you to achieve their optimum state of health and well-being.
  • Uphold the human and citizenship rights of all we work with and visit.
  • Support individual choice and personal decision-making.
  • Recognise your uniqueness and offer person-centred approach.
  • Respect individual requirement for privacy and treat all information relating to individuals in a confidential manner.


  • To improve your general well-being and quality of life, and to reduce risk of mental health illness.
  • To provide suitable/safe and less restrictive accommodation for you and/or your loved ones.
  • To improve access to confidential space and offer you culturally competent services.
  • To reduce mental health stigma in communities.