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Domiciliary Care

Do you or your loved ones often find yourself in need of support to accomplish your daily tasks? Domiciliary care provides you with a home carer to assist you with your household chores and personal needs. To find out more about domiciliary care, give us a call or simply fill in the provided form and claim your 20 minutes FREE Consultation.

Domiciliary care is an option that would best suit you when health issues lead you to needing aid and extra support to manage day to day duties, but would also wish to remain in your own home. The elderly, often find this an attractive alternative, and the support available includes:

  • General hygiene and self-care assistance

This includes performing household tasks such as cleaning, cooking and grocery shopping.

  • Medication administration and management

Your domiciliary carer will be responsible for administering any medication you might be on and keeping track of your prescriptions.

  • Observations and mental health assessments

Our competent carers will monitor your health and wellbeing to ensure you always receive the most efficient care.

  • Companionship

We understand the need for human contact, especially when you live alone. Hence our Carers provide companionship to help deal with the loneliness days may bring.

Domiciliary care is quickly becoming a popular choice because it allows you to continue living independently in your own homes while receiving assistance from experienced caregivers to meet your basic needs on a daily basis. A person-centred approach guides the match-making between you and the carer, to ensure you have a carer who matches your domiciliary needs. 


We boast of integrity with Carers who have been verified, trained, and certified to care for and support a wide range of medical issues. Providing you with high-quality home care service that fosters continuity of care and comprehensive care that is focused on your physical, emotional and social well-being is our goal for each and every client.

Why domiciliary care?

Domiciliary care is an excellent alternative for you or your loved one(s), who desire to remain at home but may require additional support with personal care, medication management, or other duties in and around the home. While care homes provide all you may need, you may frequently long for the familiarity and comfort of home.


Thus, the primary benefit of domiciliary care is that it provides you with support and help in the comfort and familiarity of your own home, provided by a skilled and well-trained professional caregiver(s). It also allows you to preserve a measure of independence and control over your care, allowing you to make choices about how you prefer to be cared for.

Our Domiciliary care services are flexible and aim to meet the specification you require.

In need of Domiciliary Care? Please do get in touch. Our care team will respond at short notice and do everything to care and support you through your situation.